Lose It! – Calorie Counter and Weight Loss Tracker App Reviews

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Helps Keep Me Honest With Myself

I started using Lose It in early 2011 at the urging of a friend. I lost 37 lbs in six months simply by trading exercise for the foods I wanted to eat. The app is so easy to use and theres help everywhere you turn. I havent been consistent in my use of the app and have naturally gained some weight back. But I keep returning to Lose It like an old friend who I know will help me out. With this app youre accountable to no one but yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn about yourself when you accept sole responsibility for your actions.

Good calorie counter

I was his top

Best weight loss and fit life app

Have tried Fitness Pal and Life Sum. Lose it is the least annoying about upgrading and ads and the easiest to use and most motivating. Will probably go premium with this one but if I dont ... Well it is the least annoying ! They all work with Apple watch. Keeps track of calories and ratios of fat, protein & carbs. Has a way to track by day and week with fitness calories burned subtracted. Keeps the long term goal front and center. The app will search for and usually find whatever food I want to log including many brands. I can create my own food for home made things eaten frequently or just quickly estimate ingredients w search which is easy. You can also use phone camera to scan bar codes on food to log them. Happy with this one.

Excellent tool

This app is doing everything I need it to do. Its easy to use and syncs nicely with my iPhone/Watch/Pad. My wife just switched from My Fitness Pal to Lose It. The only thing it needs is a "Back" function in the "Create a Food" process so that you dont have to start over if the first option selected in that process isnt what you need.

Life Changing

Very user friendly and has been instrumental in my loss of 42 lbs. At goal weight but using app daily as maintenance plan of my eating habits. App was recommended by nutritionist at respected Boston hospital weight loss program.

Very useful app

This is quite a comprehensive app with a large database of food bar codes. It is easy to track food and weight and I have lost 10lbs in about three weeks so far. :)


This app is really good at tracking all my foods. Helps keep me informed even if I am warring bad at least I am not surprised and know what happened when the scale goes up.

Its the only thing that worked for me

Using this app is the only thing that has consistently gotten me to lose weight. You have really enter all of your food for it to work. Im very happy with it.

Love It!

I love that you can still lose weight and log your meals without buying premium! Lose it has helped me drop almost ten pounds and counting!

Better than Weight Watchers!

Ive used weight watchers multiple times and eventually would get tired of having to figure out and calculate how many points something was. With Lose It it takes all the guess work out and tracking what Im eating is as easy as pressing a button or scanning an item. I love it and Ive already lost 15 lbs!

Good tracker. Easy.

Tracking calories and daily weight. Good charts. Shows against goal.

Lost 50lbs in 5 months

I love this app! I followed the plan and lost 50 pounds and feel fantastic. The groups are amazing and supportive!

Great app and website

I use the website mostly and occasionally use the app. I am really impressed with their database of all the foods and calories they have. I have tried to lose weight without Loseit but it is impossible to do it if you do not accurately measure what you eat even if you exercise regularly.

Nuff said

Twenty months ago, I started using Lose It and using it consistently. Over six months, I lost thirty pounds to reach my target weight. In the fourteen months since, I have never been more than five pounds over that weight. Nuff said.


Keeping a food journal is one the most effective ways to those weight, and this app helps you log food, obtain nutritional info., and helps me plan my next meal quickly!

Perfect tool

I just started using this app two weeks ago. I already see results. If you update your calories accurately, it will work! Im losing pounds and feeling excited about my progress thus far. Im determined to keep pushing.


I have emailed customer service repeatedly to help with resetting password, and have received no response. Such a disappoint.

Loving Lose It!

I Love this app! The food data base and scanner are amazing!! I like this app way more than Weight Watchers because I feel less pressure (points) and that its more sustainable! I Love that I can set the pace of my weight loss with Lose It as well! I am currently using the free app but will probably try premium at some point. I recommend this app to everyone!

Very helpful

This app is amazing! Its the first time that I actually believe I can lose weight Ive been trying to lose my whole life.

Keeps long term goals in perspective

Only works if you actively log your meals

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